Spanish language

Welcome to the world of Spanish! What kind of world is this? 21 countries on three continents living their own life. Life is very different from the one we know in Central Europe. A wild exotic countryside, mild climate, different kind of life, different mentality. Get to know these differences! The World is very colourful - it is almost unbelievable!

And the language? What is it? Is it difficult to learn it?

According to the number of native speakers it is second most common language in the world. It is worth getting to know, isn´t it? It is a Romance language, evolved from Latin, and therefore it is similar to French, Italian, and Portuguese. But it has one advantage: for us, Czechs, it is the easiest of these languages to learn. At least it is for beginners - easy pronunciation, easy grammar, many internationalisms within its vocabulary. You will see.

And how can you get to know this language at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering? Spanish has been taught at FEL since the turn of the 80œ and 90œ. Currently, we offer the courses mentioned below each term.

For students with a deeper knowledge of the language who are thinking of studying at a university in Spain (and there are many options!) we offer, in cooperation with the University Rector’s Office, a preparatory course for those who are interested in ERASMUS. Students from all CTU faculties can sign up ( for a fee).

Studying Spanish is highly recommended as it is not only very enjoyable, but Spain is also interested in Spanish speaking technicians for their businesses here in the Czech Republic.

So, students who are interested do not hesitate to join the world of Spanish speakers, you will love it,and it will influence your entire life.

Spanish courses offered:

A0B04S1 Španělský jazyk 1
A0B04S2 Španělský jazyk 2
A0B04S3 Španělský jazyk 3
A0B04S4 Španělský jazyk 4
A0B04KS1 Španělská konverzace 1
A0B04KS2 Španělská konverzace 2
A0M04DELE Přípravný kurz na zkoušku DELE

Cancellation of language courses

Students can cancel a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Afterwards the subject can be cancelled only by the Head of the Department for valid reasons, which have to be proven.


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