English language

English, as well as other foreign languages, has been taught at FEE since the university began. Its role is constantly evolving to keep up with the development of modern technologies and globalization.

Today, the knowledge of English for students in technical branches is essential, therefore FEE offers a wide range of English courses.

Even though English language is a compulsory subject at elementary and most secondary schools, there are many students coming to our faculty whose English knowledge is of differing levels. That is why the first-year students are placed into the multi-level courses on the basis of their placement test results.

The exit level of the Bachelor Programme graduates in all FEE branches, should be B2 CERR.

The Department provides courses in technical English, as well as courses preparing students for international language certificates. The courses are taught by professional teachers and native-speaker lecturers. The latter are particularly involved in English conversation courses and prepation for CAE and TOEFL

Information about the compulsory Graded credit B1 and English examination B2 can be found at Education - full-time study/distant study.

The offered courses can be divided into several groups:

Preparatory courses for the compulsory English examination :

B0B04B11 Anglický jazyk B1-1 (0 kreditů)
B0B04B12 Anglický jazyk B1-2 (0 kreditů)
B0B04B21 Anglický jazyk B2-1 (3 kredity)
B0B04B22 Anglický jazyk B2-2 (3 kredity)

English as an optional subject (2 credits):

A0B04GA Anglická gramatika
A0B04KA Anglická konverzace
A0B04KA2 Anglická konverzace 2
A0B04OA Anglický odborný jazyk
A0B04CA Technická angličtina pro mírně pokročilé
A0B04CAE1 Příprava na certifikát Advanced English 1
A0B04CAE2 Příprava na certifikát Advanced English 2
A0B04CAE3 Příprava na certifikát Advanced English 3
A0B04FCE1 Příprava na certifikát First Certificate 1
A0B04FCE2 Příprava na certifikát First Certificate 2
A0B04FCE3 Příprava na certifikát First Certificate 3
A0B04FCE4 Příprava na certifikát First Certificate 4
A0B04TOEFL Přípravný kurz TOEFL (more info here)

Your questions about the preparatory courses for certificates should be directed at  Mgr. P. Jennings or the relevant subject teacher.


Cancellation of language courses

Students can cancel a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Afterwards the subject can be cancelled only by the Head of the Department for valid reasons, which have to be proven.


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