Russian language

An optional course (in both Bachelors' and Masters' stages) is taught during the winter and summer semesters. It is comprised of about 1.5 hours of tutorial a week, and is assessed by a assessment (+2 credits).

The Russian language is the mother tongue of Russians and it is the means of communication for those living in the nations of the Russian Federation. In many other countries of the former Soviet Union and in today’s Commonwealth of Independent States, the Russian language still holds the position of the common language of communication. It is one of the most widely used languages in the world, spoken by about 220 million people, and it is the most widely used Slavonic language (Russia is the fifth most populous nation in the world). Russian is one of the six official languages of the United Nations. It belongs to the eastern Slavonic languages so it is close to the Czech language.

In the past, Russian was a compulsory subject taught at schools in most of the countries of the eastern bloc (including ČSSR), today it is one of the most studied Slavonic languages.

Russian has been taught at our faculty continuously since it was established. And why do our students choose Russian today? “I was never good at languages, but Russian is easy as it is similar to Czech. “… “I really like Russian as it is a very imitative language. “… “I want to go and study one or two terms in Russia as I heard from my colleagues that it is great there. “I work in an international company where I will be a conduit for trade relations with Russia. “… „“I can speak English but Russian will be an advantage for me when looking for a job in today’s difficult economic situation. “ (These are answers from a survey given to students studying Russian on why they study Russian).

It is possible to study Russian in four levels of courses R1, R2, R3, R4 and in two conversation courses KR and KR2.

Russian courses offered:

A0B04R1 Ruský jazyk 1
A0B04R2 Ruský jazyk 2
A0B04R3 Ruský jazyk 3
A0B04R4 Ruský jazyk 4
A0B04KR Ruská konverzace
A0B04KR2 Ruská konverzace 2

Cancellation of language courses

Students can cancel a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Afterwards the subject can be cancelled only by the Head of the Department for valid reasons, which have to be proven.


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