Translation & Proofreading

The Department of Languages offers CTU students and staff translation and proofreading service (in English ľ also with the assistance of a native speaker). The Department reserves the right to individually agree on the date of submission, particularly during the semester.




Documents - not fluent texts (application forms, diplomas, students certificates etc.)



Fluent texts and professional works (standards, articles, papers, presentations, studies, drafts etc.)



The price stated is for 1 NS (non- standardized) = 1,500 characters (without spaces) or 1,800 (with spaces) and is calculated for every new NS

Extra charges:

  1. Express translations and proofreadings (up to 12 pages ) plus 50% - 100% (of the basic rate)
    • 1-7 pages: in 3 working days
    • 8-12 pages: up to 5 working days
  2. Editing (stylistic and/or syntactic revisions) / consultation: plus 50-100% (of the basic rate)

If interested, please contact Erik Stadnik, Bc  (


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