French language

It is an optional course (in Bachelors' and Masters' phases), taught during winter and summer semesters for about 1.5 hours of tutorial a week and assessed by a credit (+2 credits).

The study of French has a long tradition at FEE, the teaching of French has taken place here from time immemorial. French is a universal language used by around 200,000 people on 5 continents. French is spoken throughout Europe not only in France, but also in Belgium and Switzerland. Except for Europe, French is used for example in the Canadian province of Quebec and in many former French territories in Africa, the Americas and Asia.

In the past, French was the language of diplomats; nowadays it is an important language for communication in international relations, it is one of the languages used by the European Union and by other international organizations.

Why study French? There are many reasons. For example, the possibility to spend part of your studies in France or another French-speaking country with the support of the Erasmus program, or a scholarship from the French government. Spending time in the country and immersing yourself in the culture will help you improve your proficiency in the language. By speaking French, you can increase the probability of securing an interesting career. We live in a time when knowledge of English is a must for finding a job and knowledge of other languages is a necessity. Finally, the knowledge of French will help you to understand and appreciate French speaking countries, to understand the people living there and to experience more of their culture and traditions.

We hold two types of courses:

1. Three standard courses for beginners and lower and upper intermediate students (A0B04F1, A0B04F2, A0B04F3). In these courses are taught the basics of the language, focusing on the development of all four basic skills in accordance with CEFR for languages.

2. Two conversation courses (A0B04KF1 and A0B04KF2), focusing on the development of speaking and understanding the language.

Textbooks used in classes: “Francouzština nejen pro samouky” and “Francouzská konverzace” by Pravda, Pravdova in combination with other teaching materials. The tuition is provided by a qualified teacher with a good teaching knowledge obtained from teaching both at home and abroad.


Francouzský institut v Praze -

Practicing French on the internet:

French courses offered:

A0B04F1 Francouzský jazyk 1
A0B04F2 Francouzský jazyk 2
A0B04F3 Francouzský jazyk 3
A0B04KF1 Francouzská konverzace 1
A0B04KF2 Francouzská konverzace 2

Cancellation of language courses

Students can cancel a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Afterwards the subject can be cancelled only by the Head of the Department for valid reasons, which have to be proven.


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