German language

An optional course, (in Bachelors' and Masters' phases) is taught during the winter and summer semesters of about 1.5 hours of tutorial a week, and assessed by a credit (+2 credits).

The importance of German language as a communication tool is undisputed in our part of the world. A knowledge of English is an acknowledged must, whereas German helps provide graduates with more than just a competitive advantage thanks to the heavy presence of German companies in our market. We also have to take into account that the Czech Republic is bordered by around 100 million people whose mother tongue is German. This language is important in real life situations such as studying abroad or when travelling.

Our courses are in accordance with CERF for languages focusing on all four basic skills.

Except for standard courses for beginners, (as well as lower and upper intermediate students, conversation at lower and higher level plus a course aimed at grammar), we also offer technical German.

Two internal teachers, with extensive teaching experience from both abroad and international organizations, teach the course.


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German courses offered:

A0B04N1 Nýmeckř jazyk1
A0B04N2 Nýmeckř jazyk 2
A0B04N3 Nýmeckř jazyk 3
A0B04KN Nýmeckß konverzace
A0B04KN2 Nýmeckß konverzace 2
A0B04GN Nýmeckß gramatika v praxi
A0B04ON Nýmeckř odbornř jazyk
A0B04PZP P°Ýprava na pobyt nýmecky

Cancellation of language courses

Students can cancel a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Afterwards the subject can be cancelled only by the Head of the Department for valid reasons, which have to be proven.


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