Students of other CTU faculties

Students from other CTU faculties can study electives offered by the FEE Department of Languages free of charge in the event the study office of their faculty registers the relevant subject in KOS. If permission from the FEE Department of Languages is needed, it can be obtained at the Department of Languages Secretary‘s office during office hours (you can also ask via email). FEE students have a preferential right to a place in courses. If a student from another faculty does not have a subject registered in KOS, and still wants to attend a course organized by the FEE Department of Languages, a fee of CZK 2,000 per semester must be paid (in cash at the department secretary’s office).

Cancellation of language courses

Students can cancel a course during the first 2 weeks of the semester. Afterwards the subject can be cancelled only by the Head of the Department for valid reasons, which have to be proven.


Electives Courses


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