Lifelong Learning (CŽV)

Conditions and Study Topics

Even though participants on courses of Lifelong Learning can enrol for any subject taught by the Department of Languages FEE (see  Electives), we offer you a summary of the most interesting items.


CŽV Courses

 2000 Kč


CŽV Exams

   500 Kč


1. Preparatory courses

for entrance exams to university - more info here

Přípravný kurz na zkoušku z češtiny



2. Professionally-oriented courses

for graduates and students who have completed secondary school to broaden and deepen their expertise to obtain a new, professional qualification - more info here

Anglická konvezace


Anglická gramatika


Příprava na FCE


Příprava na CAE






Český jazyk pro cizince


Příprava na Zertifikat Deutsch




Přípravný kurz TOEFL



 More information about lifelong learning can be found here,where you can also sign in.



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