Language Preparation for Doctoral Study Program

Basic information

Language preparation concludes with a mandatory Doctoral English Exam (see Exam and Exam Acknowledgement).

Doctoral Program students (hereafter "students") may not take their State Doctoral Examination unless they have properly completed their study block (i. e. including language preparation).

Students register for subjects, courses, or exams in the KOS information system separately.

Exams for Foreigners before Starting their Doctoral Study Program

Foreign applicants who want to study within the Doctoral Study Program in the Czech language shall prove their Czech skills by either providing their secondary school-leaving examination report or successfully passing the Czech exam at the Department of Languages at FEE (subject to a fee of 2000 CZK – see Informace pro uchazeče o studium v českém jazyce – cizince – Czech only).

Candidates applying for the Doctoral Study Program in the English language shall prove their English skills by successfully passing the English exam at the Department of Languages at FEE, by providing an internationally recognized certificate of English at the C1 CEFR level (e.g. FCE, CAE, TOEFL), or by providing the State Language Examination report.

If English is the official language of the candidate’s country of origin, this fact shall be considered as sufficient proof of English knowledge and the Doctoral English Exam shall be acknowledged.


Exam and Exam Acknowledgement




Other questions will be answered by Mgr. Markéta Havlíčková or PhDr. Dana Saláková.


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