Examination English Language 2  - B0B04B2Z

The English exam at a level B2 is required. Students must pass it by the end of the bachelor stage of studies.

Students may prepare for the exam with courses organized by the Department of Languages or through independent self-study. Due to high requirements of the exam it is strongly recommended that students complete courses  B0B04B21 and B0B04B22 (each valued at three credits).

If a student chooses to prepare for the exam independently, prior to their exam attempt they must successfully demonstrate knowledge of at least a B1 level by completing compulsory corequisites, i.e. graded credit  B0B041K see

The Department of languages offers the terms for the students who need to complete Graded Credit during the credit week, or during the examination period of the corresponding semester (terms will be announced in KOS, Graded Credit can be reached after passing a written test at the B1 level CEFR, based on materials for B1 level courses, one retake is possible).

Only the students with A or B results can get the B2 certification for Erasmus+ and other stays abroad, lower grade means only B1 level of knowledge.

The examination consists of two separated parts written and oral (the written part has to be taken BEFORE the oral one!!!):

A) Written part one term every week of the exam period. The results will be known before the oral part ( the student should contact his examiner by email).

B) Oral part individual terms will be offered by examiners in the electronic system (KOS)

NOTE: students who passed B0B04B22 subject with the result 80% and more do not have to attend the written part, they will be examined only orally - either during the credit week, or they can register for some of the terms offered in KOS during the exam period.

For content, course materials and exam requirements see the section Teaching Materials.

Recognition of compulsory exams

In addition to the current rules regarding the recognition of exams within the FEE study regulations, the B0B04B2Z exam may be recognized if the student demonstrates knowledge with a valid language certificate. A list of language exams (international and state) and corresponding language levels can be found  - here(pdf).

In addition to the examination, students must enroll in the necessary corequisite - graded credit  B0B04B1K see.

The recognition of exams based on study abroad is assessed individually by the head of the Language Department.

The head of the department recognizes exams during their office hours.

Students may come to receive acknowledgement any time during their studies. They must submit a valid language certificate, and at the same time have courses B0B04B1K and B0B04B2Z registered in the information system KOS.

!!! The Department of Languages is not responsible for any problems caused by a lack of independent preparation, whether or not a student over or under estimates themselves, nonappearance for makeup test, hardships with timing of study schedule, etc. !!!


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