English B1 - Graded credit A0B04B1K or B0B04B1K

In order for the student to take part in (or be allowed admittance to) the B2 level exam (A0B04B2Z, B0B04B2Z, B6B04B2Z) they must register for the course A0B04B1K or B0B04B1K, which is a corequisite.

The student receives graded credit if/when:

1. 81% or more is achieved on the placement test

2. successfully completing the preparatory course at the B1 level (i.e. B12), or at the B2 level (i.e. B21 or B22).

3. completing Graded Credit during the credit week, respectively. the examination period of the corresponding semester (terms will be announced in KOS, Graded Credit can be reached after passing a written test at the B1 level CEFR, based on materials for B1 level courses)


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